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We can custom-cut ANY size frame. To inquire about having frames made, please contact us at 719.242.8482 or via e-mail:

We also have stock, ready-made frames available, so please contact us for availability.

Profile 6004: Verona 05

Width = 5 in
Rabbet = 5/8 in
Very similar to the 03 profile, but in a larger, 5 inch width. Shown with water-gilded lip, antique ebony, sienna wash.

Verona 2

Profile 6016: Verona2

Width = 2 in
Rabbet = 9/16 in
Best suited to frames 11"x14" and smaller. Shown with water-gilded 22kt, Elm Burl panel, heavy distress, and dust.

Profile 6006: Verona3

Width = 3 in
Rabbet = 5/8 in
Very similar to the 02 profile, but the larger width will be more proportional with larger paintings. Shown with black panel, moderate distress, and dust.
Verona Wide

Profile 6011: Naples

Width = 3 in
Rabbet = 3/8 in
A more flat, simpler profile similar to frames made in Italy in the 1600s. Shown in antique ebony over light brown, heavy rub on body. Best used for panels, of canvases with a build-up.

Profile 6009: Florence

Width = 3 3/4 in
Rabbet = 1/2 in
An excellent, mid-sized frame that lends an air of "substance" to the work.

Profile 6017: Florence Wide

Width = 4 3/4 in
Rabbet = 1 1/8 in (effectively)
This frame is the Florence Narrow combined with an additional outer profile to give more depth and width. Excellent for mid and large-sized work.

Profile 6007: Tuscany

Width = 3 3/16 in
Rabbet = 3/4 in
A beautiful, mid-sized profile, reminiscent of antique Spanish frames. Shown in full gold with neutral patina.

Profile 40: Masina

Width = 3 1/4 in
Rabbet = 3/4 in
Best suited to mid-sized frame sizes and will accommodate stretched canvases well. This is a very elegant frame and looks beautiful in either the standard finish or all gold (pictured).

Profile 6019: Pisa

Width = 4 in
Rabbet = 1 in
Reinstated as a 4 in profile. Great for medium to large frames.

Profile 6018: Venice

Width = 3 1/4 in
Rabbet = 3/4 in
Shown in Standard with sgraffito panel, flyspecs.

Profile 6008: Genoa

Width = 4 in
Rabbet = 7/8 in
A hefty yet elegant profile, good for medium to large frames. Similar to Masina but wider and thicker.

Profile 6002: Roma

Width = 2 3/4 in
Rabbet = 5/8 in
A thick profile for its width; good for small to medium-sized frames.

Profile 6010: MILAN

Width = 4 in
Rabbet = 3/4 in
Reproduction of an antique Spanish/Italian frame. Excellent for mid-sized paintings. Shown in full gold, Italian finish.


Profile 6020: Turin

Width = 2 1/8 in
Rabbet = 5/8 in
Similar to our original Verona 2 but slightly wider.


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