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Custom Frames - Finishes

All finishes are available on all frame profiles...if you want a particular finish that you don't see here, please ask.
Also check out our listing of finish options - ways for you to customize the look of your frame.

We also have unfinished frames for you to finish yourself - please contact us for pricing.

Milan in full gold with Italian Finish

Gilded Finishes

Oil gilding: metal leaf, true gold, and silver

Water gilding: true gold

We can do a bright gold finish, or gilding with one of several levels of tone. Water-gilded finishes are available, please request details.

Antique Ebony

This finish was inspired by antique English furniture. It's black with a warm brown tone. We can do similar finishes with other colors under the black as well (plum, red, green, black) to enhance your painting.

Milan in Antique Ebony over Burnt Sienna

Verona 3 Standard, heavy rub


Our Standard finish is black and gold, traditionally called "Polychrome." Available with gilding only on the inner lip or on outer edge as well (shown).

Burl Veneer Finishes

We offer a burl veneer option on our profiles that have flat panels. Burl veneers can give the frame a warmer, richer look, especially when paired with water-gilded 22kt gold. Veneers are available with metal leaf or kt-gold to suit your budget. Pricing of burl veneer panels is slightly higher than the same frame with black panel...starting at an additional $15 and up, depending on the profile and size of the frame.

Verona 2 with 18kt gold and Elm burl

Verona 5 in Italian finish

Italian Finish

The Italian finish is actually a package of antiquing options we put together to simulate aging on antique Italian frames. It consists of a heavy rub, dents, wormholes, flyspecs, and a wash. Priced at the same rate as standard "heavy antiquing". On a mid-sized frame, this finish typically adds $15+ to the price of the frame. Call us for a more detailed estimate.

Economy Finishes

We offer economy finishes on four of our smaller frame profiles. Economy finishes were designed with the entry-level artist or the print market in mind. Similar in appearance to our standard custom finishes, but pared down to the basics.

Standard Economy Finish


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