Front Range Frames

Burl Finishes

Burl panels give our frames a distinctly old, warm look. Please call us for details and prices (719.242.8482).

Our standard burlwood is Carpathian Elm Burl Veneer. This works nicely as a substitute for a black panel in both our water-gilded (kt gold) and metal leaf finishes. Looks best on our Verona, Tuscany, Venice, and Naples profiles (flat panel). Not suited for our Florence or Masina frames because of their curved profiles.

Burls Currently in Stock: Carpathian Elm and Madrona

Verona 2 with elm burl and 18kt gold

Verona 2 in 18 kt gold with elm burl and heavy antiquing (Italian Finish).

Verona3, Water-gilded 23 kt, Madrona Burl, routed edges, light flyspecs (painting courtesy Nancy Rynes)

Venice with Madrona Burl

Venice with Madrona Burl, metal leaf, and no antiquing.

Verona 5 with elm burl

Verona 05, gold metal leaf with elm burl panel, moderate distress, moderate rub.